SSAT Preparation

The SSAT preparation curriculum will be delivered through individual, or small group, tutoring sessions. Small group rates are available at a discount, so please contact us for more information regarding pricing.

Typical completion of the RLA SSAT preparation curriculum can be done in 12 - 16 hours. Some students will finish faster, and others will need more time. It is based on the needs of students from session to session. The last variable with regards to the time to complete is based on the number of practice tests that the family would elect to have the student review with the teachers. In the past, there have been kids who have not wanted/needed to review practice work with the teachers, and others who've elected to review 1, 2, or more practice tests.

The program is designed to help students to learn the strategies and review the skills needed to maximize their score on the SSAT. The SSAT not only assesses a student's mastery of the material they have learned over the past several years, but it is also a measure of the student'’s test taking skills as they race against the clock. Students should have exposure to and practice with the format, wording, and pacing of the test before sitting for it. This program is designed to help build those test-taking skills and provide insight that will help solve the mystery behind the assessment. Students in this class will take practice SSAT sections and have the opportunity to review the results with the teachers in preparation for the test. A general approximation is that about 2/3 of the time in the course is spent on strategy, and the other 1/3 is on a skill review.

Tutoring with Mr. Rutledge will be delivered using the Zoom platform in the RLA virtual classroom! Kids can login and meet with their teacher from anywhere. This is great for those families who travel, and for kids with multiple camps and sports obligations! The Zoom classroom has a whiteboard, video, audio, and chat mechanisms, and the sharing of documents and even the graphing calculator app is possible. Zoom can also allow for small group sessions for those families who would be interested in that option as well.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you about the test preparation, or if you would want to schedule the start of sessions.

As always, thank you for sharing this page with others that might also be interested in this service.

Brian Rutledge, National Board Certified Mathematics Teacher