History of the Rutledge Learning Academy

The Rutledge Learning Academy was founded in 2000 to provide summer mathematics enrichment to the students of Bucks County. The students who were calling for private tutoring were asking for more hours than could be provided in a one-on-one setting. It was after the summer of 1999 that I, Brian Rutledge, decided to offer mathematics enrichment courses in pre-algebra, algebra one, and algebra two. It has long been my belief that while algebra one is not the most difficult of the math courses, it is by far the most important foundational piece to develop in order to promote long-term success in mathematics.

In 2002, a geometry course was added for the first time. This course has been especially popular, largely for two reasons. First, geometry is a subject that accounts for approximately thirty percent of the prompts on the SAT. I tell my students that while geometry might not be especially interesting to them, or their potential future career choice, it is a money class, as their success in that class will contribute directly to their success on the SAT. The other reason this class has been especially popular is due to the different nature of this particular study of mathematics. Several students who are otherwise good math students have struggled over the years. Parents who knew of this tendency have registered their children for the Rutledge Learning Academy geometry course to provide an early advantage in their child’s studies. The pre-calculus class, taught by Laurie Quattrone, was added in the summer of 2005.

The other courses to be added were the test preparation courses – for the SAT and the SSAT. Since my start in the classroom in 1995, students and parents were frequently making requests for test preparation tutoring. The families that I have worked with in this regard have been very pleased with the results that my techniques have provided for their students. The greatest compliment that I have received due to my work with standardized test preparation has been continued referrals to other students. In order to best meet the needs of as many students as possible, I began to offer the test preparation courses through the Rutledge Learning Academy.

In 2010, Brian was awarded his National board Teaching Certificate. This exclusive designation is only currently held by four mathematics teachers in Bucks County, and only 78 mathematics teachers in Pennsylvania as of January 2012

Now, these courses are available not only during the summer offerings, but the SAT course has also been offered directly at Archbishop Ryan High School, and the Solebury School. The SSAT course has been offered previously through the summer program, but has also been offered to groups of students each fall from the Buckingham Friends School.

Rutledge Learning Academy Teacher Biographies

Brian Rutledge:

Brian has been employed by the New Hope-Solebury School District since 1995. In that time, he has worked as a mathematics teacher in both the Middle School and the High School and has taught both honors and academic level classes nearly every year. These classes have included every level of mathematics from pre-algebra through algebra two.

Brian has taught the Rutledge Learning Academy 's summer math enrichment courses for Algebra One, Geometry, and Algebra Two every summer, and has followed up his years of privately preparing students for the SAT and SSAT examinations by also teaching the Rutledge Learning Academy SAT and SSAT courses.

Brian obtained both his Bachelor's as well as his Master's degrees from Temple University. He continued his post-graduated studies through St. Joseph's University. Brian holds a Level II teaching certificate in Secondary Mathematics.

Laurie Quattrone:

Laurie has been employed by the Pennsauken School District since 1992. During this time, she has taught academic, gifted and talented and honors level classes. These classes have included each course from Algebra I through Pre-Calculus. In addition, Laurie has been trained to teach the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) and has taught several courses using that model.

Laurie has designed and taught the Rutledge Learning Academy's summer math enrichment course for Pre-Calculus. She has also worked as a private tutor since 1990 in a variety of mathematics courses, up to and including calculus. Laurie also works as an adjunct professor at DeVry University in Fort Washington. At DeVry, she has taught both college algebra and statistics.

Laurie obtained her Bachelor's degree from Temple University and her Master's degree from Gwynedd-Mercy College. She continued her post-graduate studies at Converse College. Laurie holds an Instructional I teaching certificate in Mathematics in both PA and NJ and has also earned the status of Highly Qualified in the state of New Jersey.

Bruce DuBoff:

Bruce has been employed by the Pennsauken Public School District since 1993. He has taught Journalism as well as 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English at the Honors, College Preparatory, and Foundations levels. Bruce is currently a Library Media Specialist at Howard M. Phifer Middle School and Pennsauken Intermediate School; he writes a book review monthly column for Bookmark, the newsletter of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians.

In 1996, he successfully developed and piloted a verbal SAT Preparation Course that is still taught as a one-semester course at Pennsauken High School. Bruce has taught the Reading and Writing components of the Rutledge Learning Academy 's summer SAT Preparation course in New Hope and during the school year at Archbishop Ryan High School since 2003. Additionally, he began teaching SAT Prep at The Solebury School for the Rutledge Learning Academy in the 2007-2008 school year.

Bruce obtained his B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University and his M.A. in School and Public Librarianship from Rowan University. He holds the following teaching and/or professional certifications: English K-12, Educational Media Specialist, and Professional Librarian.

Jennifer Rutledge:

Jennifer was an employee of the Pennsbury High School at the time she left the classroom to raise her children. Prior to then, Jennifer had worked as an English teacher at both the middle and high school levels, as well as elementary school teacher for one year. Jennifer had accumulated a total of eight years of classroom teaching experience prior to her childrearing leave.

Jennifer has taught the Rutledge Learning Academy’s verbal portion of the SSAT program, and has followed up her years of teaching the writing process by privately preparing students for the SAT and SSAT examinations and continuing to tutor students privately in secondary English courses.

Jennifer obtained her Bachelor's degree through the College of New Jersey, and her Master's degree from Holy Family University. She continued her post-graduated studies through St. Joseph's University. Jennifer holds a Level I teaching certificate in Secondary English, as well as in Elementary Education.

Melissa Pettigrew:

Melissa was employed by the New Hope-Solebury School District from 1996-2001. During that time, she taught Spanish in both the Middle School and the High School, where she taught various courses for students in grades five through twelve. Since she resigned from New Hope-Solebury to spend time raising her children, Melissa has continued to privately tutor students in Spanish of all ages and levels throughout the school year as well during the summer.

Melissa obtained a Bachelor's in Foreign Languages from the University of Delaware and a Masters in Spanish Education from New York University. She has continued post-graduated studies through Temple University towards her doctorate degree in Educational Psychology. Melissa holds a Level II teaching certificate in Spanish K-12. She has also recently obtained her Pennsylvania Program Specialist Certification in ESL (English as a Second Language).

Melissa is an excellent resource for families looking for support in Spanish instruction. She has frequently been referred by the Rutledge Learning Academy for families looking for support in Spanish, and has been very well received on those occasions.

Mark Hillman:

Mark has worked in the Pennsylvania State public teaching system for 34 years, in two school districts. Mark spent the first eleven years of his career teaching in Wyalusing and then went one to teach in the New Hope-Solebury High School for 23 years.

Mark is a Dual Certified Teacher currently holding a Pennsylvania Level II teaching certificate in Secondary Physics and Mathematics. He has taught all level of Physics (AP, Honors, and Conceptual) as well as Mathematics (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calulus). Mark is currently teaching at Bucks County Community College in their Enhance Program. His Bachelor’s degree is from Mansfield State College in Physics Education with a minor in Mathematics. His Master’s degree is from Scranton University in General Science. Mark continued his post-graduated studies through St. Joseph's University.

Mark is an excellent resource for families looking for support in either Physics, or mathematics instruction. He has frequently been referred by the Rutledge Learning Academy for families looking for support in both physics and math, and has been very helpful to those students in need.

Rutledge Learning Academy Policies

Returned Check Fee – In the event that a check is returned, a processing fee of $35 will have to be assessed.

Behavioral Expectation – It has been a wonderful experience over the past number of years to have the opportunity to work with so many students that want to strive to improve their understanding of mathematics, and also strive to score higher on standardized tests. It makes up happy to hear that there are students that will ask their parents about returning to a Rutledge Learning Academy class, year after year. It is for these reasons that we all work to maintain a positive, academic learning environment in all of our classes. It is very rare that a student is enrolled in a class that does not truly want to be a part of the class, and therefore, it is rare to have difficult behaviors in a Rutledge Learning Academy classroom. However, in the event that a student’s behavior is becoming a disruption to the learning of others in the classroom, the teacher will speak to the student directly. If the adverse behaviors continue, the teacher will notify the parent/guardian, in the hope that the adult intervention will help the student get on track for the remainder of the course. In the event that the adverse behaviors persist after these multiple interventions, and the learning opportunity of the other students is in jeopardy, the student will be removed from the class. We all sincerely hope that this is never an issue for one of our courses.

As always, if there are any questions that I can answer for you, please let me know, and I will return your message personally.


Brian Rutledge