I thought I'd be the first to let you know that Juliana ended up getting an 800 on the writing section. Her average score was 730, for a total of 2190. She said her Math score was 690 and her verbal score was 700.
I did ask Juliana whether she felt the course was beneficial in the days preceding the test, and there was no doubt in her mind that the prep course you offer was quite worthwhile even though she had scored well on her PSAT. Of course after the results came back, she was quite happy to have attended your thorough reviews.
Anyhow, congrats to you and your colleague Mr. Duboff on the results.

-Regards, Richard Depp, M.D.

comment I was introduced to Brian Rutledge through Buckingham Friends School. The Rutledge Learning Academy would assist the students there in preparing for private high school entrance exams. Travis's SAT's were previously marginal, at best. He has good grades but isn't in any accelerated or honors courses. He is a well rounded student who has direction and a plan. Since Travis had taken the SAT preparation course offered at C.B. West, I wanted to know how Brian's program would make a difference. Brian spent a fair amount of time explaining his program his methodology of test preparation. He assured me that Travis's SAT scores could increase by 100-200 points which had been the case for many of his previous students. After careful thought, we took a leap of faith, and boy are we glad we did.
Travis's SAT scores increased by 170 points - 100 in reading and 70 in math. After his SAT results were updated with his college applications, we had immediate acceptances from 3 of the 4 universities Travis applied to. This higher SAT score will allow Travis to explore additional options if he chooses to. Additionally Brian explained that the students applying to highly competitive private or State Schools will also see similar benefits with his program.
I was so impressed with The Rutledge Learning Academy; I thought that it might be a good option for other students who need to improve their scores.
- Thank you for your time,
Diane Boerner

I wanted to get back to you and let you know how much our daughter’s scores improved after this summer’s two week SAT Prep session. She improved 100 points in Math, which was what we were hoping, to 560. Her verbal improved from 670 to 740 and the best part, and completely as a result of the course….she improved in Writing from 640 to a perfect 800!!!! Overall, she went from 1770 to 2100. We are so thrilled, and cannot thank you and Bruce enough for the tips, guidance and moral support for our daughter and for us. Her improvement has greatly increased her chances of being accepted by her “reach” schools, has put her in a solid position for her first choice, and has also opened the door for potential scholarships. I do hope you will include this in your testimonials – I read through many of them when I was researching programs for our daughter and they helped us choose Rutledge Learning Academy for Maggie’s SAT Prep.
-Hannah Goddard

Our experience with the SAT Prep from the Rutledge Learning Academy was extremely positive and I feel that I can confidently recommend your program. Olivia did well on her first round SATs in Reading and Writing, but had a rather weak Math score. Her combined three-test score was 1970. After taking your eight session course, she attained a combined score of 2180, with 70-point increases on each of the three tests. She got a perfect score on the Reading. I imagine that these results are unusually good for any test prep program, and there is no question that Olivia worked very hard to improve here performance. But I have to believe that your prep course made a great deal of difference, as it did for my sister's daughters Sam and Cassie Bowman, a number of years ago. According to my daughter, taking lots of practice tests was most important. She was able to overcome her anxiety on the Math section and she developed a good sense of pace. I think that being enrolled in a course gave her more focus on practice than she would have through self-study alone. But she also felt that she learned important lessons from your prep course that made a big difference. Olivia developed a solid understanding of effective test taking strategy from the course. She felt that she learned many useful "tricks" and "traps" that she never would have figured out on her own. The in-class instruction across the full range of question types proved invaluable, especially for the Math. Olivia also received insightful coaching on the essay section, which I am sure help deliver her 790 score. After receiving Olivia's new and improved SAT scores, we had to revise her college list to include some highly selective universities. Thanks Brian!
-Warm regards, A. Turner Price

I want to thank you for the SAT preparation course that helped Christine improve in last October's test. What a difference the course made! Although a first honors student, Christine was never a good "standardized" test taker and her first set of SAT scores confirmed this. By taking the preparation course, we were hoping that she would clear the 1100 mark (for a math and reading total) and were ecstatic when she went over the 1200 mark. To do better in math, when 600 was a good first time score, was also surprising. Christine improved that score 90 points alone. Who would believe that by participating in the five-week course and reviewing the classwork at home, she would have such quick results? Christine has been accepted at five of the seven colleges she applied to and is waiting on the other two for decisions. We thought having first honors at school would be enough, but the higher SAT score seemed to clinch the colleges' attention.
Thank you for all that you have done in contributing to her score improvement. Like I said when Christine started the course, she was going to be our guinea pig on whether our other three children would also take the course. I already told our tenth grader, Katie, to pick the session she wants, because she's going to take the course – IT'S WORTH THE PRICE AND TIME!
-Parent of Christine S., Archbishop Ryan

Prior to her taking her final SAT exam, my daughter met with Mr. Rutledge for math preparation. He brought her math scores up 130 points! This will now qualify her for merit scholarships on the college level totaling $40,000 over the four years. Brian was able give her strategies to compensate for her weak test taking skills. An increase of 130 points is incredible in the SAT world. Thanks to Brian's guidance and abilities to identify strengths and weaknesses, the financial strain of paying for college will be alleviated for our family. 130 point increase, incredible!!!! Thanks Mr. Rutledge.

“The Rutledge Learning Academy has proven to be a huge difference maker in my child’s confidence and SAT scores. Brian’s knowledge and understanding of mathematics, students and the SAT process has helped my daughter achieve substantial improvements on her SAT scores. I highly recommend Rutledge Learning Academy to anyone who needs that extra inspiration and tutoring.”
- Sincerely, Milan Vidakovic

Mr. Rutledge, I wanted you to know that my son got a 640 (up from 550) on his math which he was very happy with. He said his time with you really helped. He also went up to a 680 (from 640) in critical reading and also a 680 (up from 600) in writing. All together he went up 210 points to a 2000. I feel his scores are in the range for the schools we have looked at so far.
- Linda

My son took the SAT without a preparation course. After the Rutledge Learning Academy SAT course his scores went up 90 points in math alone! He enjoyed the class and said the strategies helped in taking the test. I would recommend the Rutledge Learning Academy.
- Karen Discavage

I took Mr. Rutledge's SAT prep course before I took the SATs for my first time. Since it was only my first time, my goal was in the 1700s and I really didn't expect too much from myself. When I actually sat down to take the SATs, the whole I kept thinking to myself, "Wow, this is way easier than I thought it would be..." Imagine my surprise when I got my score report and ended up getting a 1950! If it hadn't been for Mr. Rutledge's preparation class, I really think I would have struggled with the test and would not have been as prepared as I was. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to get a great score on the SATs. Thanks so much Mr. Rutledge! Oh and by the way, I took the ACTs and I got a 31... I really think the SAT class helped me with that test as well, so again, thank you very much!
- Alex, Class of 2010

I took Mr. Rutledge's SAT Prep Course the summer before my junior year in high school, and I would recommend it to every student planning to take the SAT. Previous to taking the SAT course, I always thought of the SAT as a daunting test that I would deal with when it came around, something that couldn't really be prepared for. Yet the way Mr. Rutledge taught the math section (the section I dreaded the most), I felt like my ideal score was actually something I could reach. Besides reviewing the types of problems that would be on the test, Mr. Rutledge also focused on test-taking strategies. I can honestly say that I used the plug-in method more often than I did actual math on the test! Mr. Duboff also did a great job preparing me for the written and verbal sections by teaching a few strategies of his own to minimize wasted time. I am happy to say that I actually scored above my goal scores, and only had to suffer the SAT one time. So I would definitely recommend this course to anyone planning on taking the SAT if they want to reach their goal scores and reduce the amount of times necessary for them to take the test.

Our son has participated in Mr. Rutledge's Summer Math Camp for the past four years. He felt, as we did, that the material covered gave him an edge and a great start to a new year in high school. This past summer Kevin took the SAT prep class, and as we expected, his scores in both Math and Language went up when compared to the previous year. However, we were really surprised that they each went up 100 points! We feel that this program is a wonderful service available to our local students and are very please with the results our son experienced. Thanks Mr. Rutledge for a quality program.
-Bob and Kathy Weber, parents of Kevin, New Hope-Solebury High School

Working with Mr. Rutledge helped me tremendously when it came time to take the SATs. The first time I took the test, I hadn’t really prepared, didn’t know of any specific methods of taking the test, and wasn’t really sure how to pace myself. After a few sessions with Mr. Rutledge though, my overall score improved 300 points, from a 1700 to a 2000! The techniques shared helped me do better in every section of the exam. We were able to work at a pace that was comfortable for me, and I was still able to gain a lot of information from each session. Every tip Mr. Rutledge gave me ended up being valuable, and he was a tremendous help. Without him, I don’t know what I would have done!
-Savvy C., The Hun School

I just wanted to let you know that Justin got 710 on both the Math and English portions of his SAT and 630 on the writing.

Chris got his results and scored 1680, so he is very pleased and says the he is sure your course was a huge factor. I will tell as many people as I can about the course. Thanks for your help!

In taking the SAT's for the first time, my son scored a 500 in reading, a 510 in writing, and a 540 in math. This represented an improvement of 200 points in total from earlier this year. Thank you to both you and Mr. DuBoff for your work in making this happen with him, he thought it made a real difference in his success!

With my daughter being a junior, and taking the test for the first time, I personally did not expect the good results she received. We both believe your course definitely helped her, and your pointers on how to take the test were very beneficial. Although it was a challenge for her to keep up with the extras classes after school, and she was not always able to study as much as she wanted, just being in class and reviewing what she could helped her so much. She is studying your information over the summer in the math area, and she takes the sample SAT question on the College Board website every day. If anything, I think your course gave her the confidence to take the exam. She is scheduled to take the SAT's again in October, and I am sure she will do even better this time. Your course was truly a worthwhile investment! Thank you!!!
-- Parent of Stephanie K., Archbishop Ryan

I am so glad that I sent my son to the Rutledge Learning Academy. He took the SAT's in the spring, and was pretty disappointed in his score. He asked to take a class before he took the SAT's again in the fall. We both decided that it would be a good idea to enroll him in the Rutledge Learning Academy SAT preparation class over the summer. We are both so glad we did! He raised his math score alone by 100 points! He has been much more confident about his chances of getting into a good college, and has so far been accepted to four colleges of his choice. Thank you again!
-Parent of Andrew W., New Hope-Solebury High School

I took Mr. Rutledge's SAT prep class last September. I did not take the SAT's prior to enrolling in this class. I wanted to take a good class that would enable me to get the highest score possible, and this seemed like the right class. Mr. Rutledge really helped me with the concept of applying my math skills to the SAT questions used on the test. When I took the SAT's in October for the first time, I felt confident about what I was doing on the math section. When I received my scores I was impressed, and I knew the class was well worth it. I have also been offered three scholarships from colleges that I applied to, and I know that my SAT scores played a part in receiving the scholarships.
-Parent of Christine C., Archbishop Ryan

We just wanted to let you know that Katherine has been accepted into three of the colleges of her choice so far, Shippensburg, Millersville, and York. She is still waiting to hear back from Bloomsburg and West Chester. Thank you for your help in preparing her for the SAT last fall. Please keep us on your mailing list; her younger sister will be going through the same process before we know it! Thanks again.
-Parent of Katherine W., Archbishop Ryan

A big thank you to you and Bruce for working with Lindsey for her SAT. We are very pleased with the improvement in her scores all the way around! Her scores went up from a total of 1900 to a total of 2000. She has been accepted at the school of her choice and we're very excited!
-Parent of Lindsey F., New Hope-Solebury High School

All three of my daughters have taken advantage of the opportunity each year to prepare for their math classes in advance with Mr. Rutledge's summer program and had very positive outcomes.

My oldest daughter took her first SAT's without a prep class. She scored well, but thought she could do better. She studied with Mr. Rutledge and when she took the test again, she bested her previous math score by 110 points. Besides content, she learned strategies for taking the test. My other daughters are taking Mr. Rutledge's course before they take their SAT's.
-Colleen Houser

I took the SAT’s twice, one in January and once in March, and I made 1710 on both of them. I am pretty pleased with the results, having made a combined score of 1130 on the math and critical reading sections. Hearing all my friends worrying about how they cannot break 1000 on those two sections makes me glad that I took your course so now I can just relax and not worry about the SAT's anymore!
-Amy B., a student at Archbishop Ryan

The Rutledge Learning Academy has given my sons the skills and confidence to succeed. This summer course has made math fun and interesting. Mr. Rutledge creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere.
-John and Tracey Cheneval, parents of algebra 1, algebra 2, and SAT students

Both teachers did a really good job of preparing me and I feel a lot more comfortable taking the SAT’s again. It was really good to receive a whole textbook as a resource.
-An SAT student

I learned how to "think differently" and that hopefully will be in use when I take the SAT this fall. The Verbal part of this course made me realize how many more words I need to study.
-An SAT student

The math session was great, Mr. Rutledge really knew what he was talking about. He provided much information on both the current and new versions of the SAT.
-An SAT student

The book will be helpful for when I review. Mr. Rutledge made the environment comfortable for us to ask questions and participate.
-An SAT student

I learned a lot of good strategies to approach SAT problems, which will help me on the SAT test.
-An SAT student

Hey Brian, I got my scores back and I'm happy with them. They aren't terrible but I still would like to improve by about 100 points. I got 630 writing, 620 reading, 580 in math. I got a 490 in math on my PSAT so, I definitely improved and really feel the class was helpful! I read through the packet the night before and right before the test and it was definitely helpful!
-Thanks, Chelsea Pick

The small class size and individual attention is a real plus. The materials are well organized and made it easy for my child to follow. They will be wonderful for her to refer back to during the school year as well as to prepare for her SAT’s. This is the third year my daughter participated in the Rutledge Learning Academy summer math program. For her to want to take a math course in August attests to what a wonderful and valuable learning experience this is. Thank you!
-Terri Maxwell, mother of Cara Frelick (algebra one, geometry, algebra two)

I have sent all three of my girls to the Rutledge Learning Academy and have been more than satisfied with the results. Besides preparing them for the school year, you were also available during the year if they needed help and they are comfortable in asking for your help. That is very important. Finally, anyone who can spend two weeks teaching my children math in the summer and have them enjoy it is doing something very right!
-Colleen Houser, parent of Alexis and Alyssa (algebra one and geometry) and Christie (algebra two and SAT preparation.)

I really liked the printed packet. It can serve as a handy guide and resource for Alex next year. I like that he took his own notes in it. Mr. Rutledge is rare and wonderful! I am so excited that we found him! His personality, teaching style, and obvious love for his subject has made a tremendous impact on my son. He already asked me if he could sign up for next summer! I believe you gave him a jump start for next year in his advanced math class. We’ve already recommended the Rutledge Learning Academy to several friends.
-Kim Leuser, parent of a geometry and algebra 2 student

It was great to have a quality enrichment program right in our own community. Usually we have had to travel outside the area for such a program. The packet has served my student as a useful reference tool during the school year. Mr. Rutledge is highly qualified to teach every level of math to all different kinds of students. His teaching style meets the needs of all the different students in his class. My child has taken two summers worth of math classes as a preview for the following school year and I feel that these classes have given him an invaluable, solid foundation in the topic.
-Parent of an algebra one and geometry student

The student materials were very thorough. Mr. Rutledge’s personality is so pleasant that learning from him is truly a joy! His humor is the best! This geometry class was an excellent jump-start for the fall. Outstanding! Mr. Rutledge presents concepts in a very clear, concise, and systematic order. This is so virtually important because each concept builds on the previous one. He holds the attention of all his students with his uplifting personality. My wish is for my future math teachers to be as prepared and encouraging as Mr. R. See you next summer!
-Gina and Sunny Garretson, geometry and algebra one

We found Mr. Rutledge to be responsive and proactive. He related with my son in a manner that promoted class participation and enthusiasm. My son reports Brian Rutledge to be an exceptional math teacher and I found him to be available and responsive to my concerns, as we had to change classes.
-Sara Webster-Mellon, mother of Henry (algebra one)

Mr. Rutledge was great. He helped me out with everything I was having trouble with and taught me so much about geometry that I would have never known. I thought having a student assistant was great because she helped out just like the teacher. The topics in this session were difficult, but once Mr. Rutledge explained them, they were simple. The topics covered in the two weeks I was there would have been extremely difficult for me if I went to school without doing this camp. I know that for a fact.
-Kevin Weber, geometry 2004

The Rutledge Learning Academy was a great experience. It was definitely worth it. It helped me understand everything a lot better and make me feel more comfortable with math. Mr. Rutledge taught me how to handle difficult mathematics in the easiest ways. I think that after going to the Rutledge Learning Academy, all the things I learned will help me tremendously for the upcoming school year. I would strongly recommend this program.
-Kevin Weber, algebra one 2003

Thank you for another opportunity to grow and learn. Kevin has truly enjoyed this math camp and he has gained much confidence. I especially liked the note packet; it’s a great reference that can be reviewed and used as needed. I appreciate all you did to make this a positive summer experience!
-Kathy Weber, parent of Kevin Weber

The packet was a huge help to this class and helped for me to get ready for the class I am going to take. The teacher is always ready to go and put his all in every day to help your child with his/her needs. The student assistant was helpful so that two people were available to help students at the same time. This class was a very helpful experience. I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends and think about enrolling in another summer program.
-An algebra one student

My daughter really enjoyed this program. She came away with a good base to assist her during the upcoming school year. She particularly enjoyed your teaching style. You made the topics fun to learn. I am certain that she will tackle the next year with more confidence!
-Parent of an algebra 1 and 2 student

My child feels more confident in his ability to do well in algebra. I feel relieved that he has a more positive attitude toward math.
-Lisa Senior, parent of a geometry and algebra one student

It was very easy to communicate with Mr. Rutledge and ask questions about the information we were learning. In class, there was enough time to cover everything that was given.
-Joey Dimino, an algebra 2 student

The packet made taking notes so easy and the teacher’s assistant was really nice and helpful.
-Mia Giles, an algebra 2 student

Alvaro used last year’s packet to help study for his final exam, it was a great help.
-Maria Del Pino, parent of a geometry student

I got all of the help I needed in these courses. Mr. Rutledge met all of my needs and explained the math in ways students could understand.
-Marta Hura, algebra 2 and geometry

Mr. Rutledge made the class fun and interesting.
-Chris Lehmann, algebra one

I took this course last year and saw my grade in math go from an 85 to a 98!
-Colby Cheneval, algebra one

Mr. Rutledge made things more clear and easier to understand.
-Stacy Stevenson, general math topics student

Thank you for helping my daughter this summer, I know she’ll be ready for math and off to a good start.
-Parent of a General Math Topics Student

Mr. Rutledge showed different ways to approach a single problem. This was helpful to me.
- An algebra 2 student

The thing that stuck out for me this year was proofs. When you first started proofs, I thought it would be very hard and I would not be able to do them because I am not very good at explaining my answers. I found that after a couple of examples of you explaining it to me, it made perfect sense.
-A geometry student

My daughter finds geometry much easier now.
-Parent of a geometry student

Alex enjoyed these two weeks tremendously, his confidence is back where it needs to be. Thanks Mr. Rutledge!
-Parent of an algebra one student

Due to the smaller class size, the teacher was able to meet the needs of each individual student. It really helped to review all of the topics for the following year.
-Student in general math topics AND algebra one

The packet is really organized; it will be a great learning tool for next year.
-An algebra 2 student

The packet will be a big help next year. The student assistant was nice. I will be ready and prepared for next year.
-A geometry student

Mr. Rutledge always made time for questions and made everything he was explaining very clear. He covered everything I expected to learn.
-An algebra one student