From 2000 - 2016, I had offered small group tutoring classes every summer to get kids a head start on their upcoming math course. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in finding a combination of dates and times that meets the schedules of the community. Therefore, rather that offering my services in a group setting during a set 1 or 2 week window, I will offer individualized summer enrichment based on the needs of the student(s). Some notes:
  • I can prepare students for their upcoming level of math from grades 6 through algebra two and can also provide remediation to those who want to review one or more topics from those courses.
  • There are other tutors available as well for those students looking to remediate/advance in some other subject area. Please contact for more information. I would be happy to make a referral for tutors for grades 1 - 5, language arts, science, Spanish, French, history, English, as well as higher areas of mathematics.
  • I can deliver the SSAT preparation curriculum to those students who will be sitting for the test in the fall. This can be done individually, or in a small group coordinated by parents.
  • If your child is approved by their school to do so, I am available to deliver a full program for kids who want to take an entire course for credit or advancement. Please contact me for additional information on this option.
  • There is an SAT/ACT course planned, but for those who wish to pursue private tutoring, that is an option as well. Please see the SAT/ACT Preparation page for more details on the SAT/ACT class. Private SAT/ACT verbal assistance would be available through Mr. Bruce DuBoff; please contact me for contact information.
  • While the general design is for 1-1 assistance, those who would be interested in paired or small group pricing can establish a group and contact me for discounted rates.
  • Tutoring with Mr. Rutledge will be delivered using the Zoom platform in the RLA virtual classroom! Kids can login and meet with their teacher from anywhere - great for those families who travel, and for kids with multiple camps and sports obligations! The Zoom classroom has a whiteboard, video, audio, and chat mechanisms, and the sharing of documents and even the graphing calculator app is possible.

There is a great deal of flexibility that is available to us to help you meet your child's needs. If one of these options sounds appealing to you, please contact me for more information and to make arrangements.

As always, I thank you for sharing this information with others who might find the options interesting for their children.

Brian Rutledge